We use the best filament brands in the world for 3D Printing and you can choose any color for your 3D Print!

  • Black PLA+
  • White PLA+
  • Gray PLA+
  • Red PLA+
  • Blue PLA+
  • Purple PLA+
  • Yellow PLA+
  • Pink PLA+
  • Green PLA
  • Light Blue PLA
  • Blue PLA Silk
  • Green PLA Silk
  • Gray Marble PLA

Print Quality

Print Quality depends with 3D printing layer height. Layer height is basically equivalent to vertical resolution in 3D printed objects. It’s like pixels in a digital image, or thread count in sheets. The thinner the layer, the more layers per millimeter and the smoother the texture of your 3D printed object

Super Quality

  • Layer Height - 0.12mm
  • High details

  • Suitable for small objects which needs higher detals
Mostly Used

Standard Quality

  • Layer Height - 0.2mm
  • Smooth surface

  • Suitable for most of the objects and cost effective

Low Quality

  • Layer Height - 0.28mm
  • Visible layers

  • Suitable for quick drafts
3D printing in Sri Lanka - Xydder 3D

Other Settings

We change 3D Print settings according to your model to get the best outcome considering many factors. 

If you have any special requirements, such as infill, wall line count etc.. we can change the print settings on request. 

Build Volume

We are capable of printing objects up to

300mm x 300mm x 300mm

Get A Quotation

Just send us your 3D model files via WhatsApp or Email in .STL or .OBJ format.  We will check your model files and reply you with a quotation. 


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